South Texas Austin-Healey Club

Conclave is less than a month away and we need your reservations now so we know how to plan for this event. Conclave is AHCA’s annual national gathering of Healeys and Healey enthusiasts from all over North America and the rest of the world. Waco, Texas, is as close to us as Conclave is likely to be during most of our life times. This is a great opportunity for you to attend a Conclave close to home. Many of you have already registered and volunteered and we thank you, but more help is needed.  If you can help, please contact:

Bonnie Ayer
A new page has been added to the club website:

Recent Club Activities

Pictures and descriptions of recent activities and events will be posted on this page.  Check it out!

Upcoming Club Events
Date Time Event
 June 17
 9:30 A.M.
 Highway Pickup then lunch/lake party at Borth's
 July 9-14

 Conclave 2017 - Waco, Texas
 August 12
 2 P.M.
 Ice Cream Social, Amy's, Wimberley

Go to the CALENDAR page for additional information.

Information and rules for the Healey Driving Contest are available at:

The June 2017 STAHC Newsletter, REGIONAL RUMBLIN'S
is now available!

Jaime Molina has uploaded several albums on the club's Facebook page providing very interesting historical information about the big Healeys. 

An album is also now available detailing the Mark I Frogeye/Bugeye Sprites which were produced from 1958 to 1961.


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